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00 05th : We were in the bathtub. I washed my hands everywhere. My hands on your skin soft and smooth. To erect nipples. To whet your appetite. I kissed her, tasting toungue. My hard cock and balls hurt. I wanted to. She stroked me. Smiling. Eyes were shining. Out of the tub. Drip. Humid. Her pink shaven mound careful in my work. The piercing in her hand. The lips were swollen. Anticipation. I dried her hair. I saw her applying makeup. Since the jewelry. She leaned over the average follow up. Pert ass so close. I grabbed her and touched her pussy. She let me finger. God was wet. I wanted to. He rose and turned toward me. 'No, ' he said. 'Expect ' He got a short dress. That was it. It barely covered her ass. A pang of tubesplash jealousy shot through me. It was not always well dressed for me. Leaning over she took my penis in her mouth. A quick suck and tubesplash kiss, is maximum. ' Fuck you, before I go, baby ' She was in bed. Straddling tubesplash the dressEngineer until I have on my knees and I asked. I licked the juice fresh and clean. The mockery of the clitoris. She moaned. It came so fast. They must be stopped to continue. 'That's all for today babe,' he said and stood up. Pulling the dress back in shape. He gave me a kiss. 'How do I look?' 'Great' I said. With his voice cracking. Jealousy again. 'Enjoy,' he said. 'I want,' she said. ' I love you' with which it was. June 00 : I had time to kill. I keep my thoughts away from him. You can not. The idea of ​​her and what turns me on. Make me excited. Jealous. Vulnerable. Fear. tubesplash Television. Later, I can not sleep. 02 00: I wake tubesplash up. Open door. her high heels on the floor. Up the stairs. The bedroom door opens. I drive. I'm so excited. What happened ? I know. Is new. She enters the room. The dim light, he said. I kneel before her, still naked. I'm waiting for the face. She smiles at me. I let my hand to her leg. Thigh. Is wet. Sticky. I let my fingers into tubesplash her panties. So wet. OSM Sun. She shudders cases. 'Does it hurt ?' I ask. 'The offer,' she replies. I lick my fingers. The flavor of the juices. She and him. She lifts her dress. Roll over your head. The dropped. Now she stands tubesplash before me naked except for socks and shoes. 'That's like me, babe', he noticed tears in the nylon. Red marks on her inner thigh. Breasts. The shoulders. I tubesplash kissed her belly. Smooth and firm. She held my head, playing tubesplash with my hair. The legs rubbing her crutch against my face making it humid. Groaning. She put her leg over my head. He climbed into bed. He rolled onto his back. Legs apart. She grabbed me. 'Come here. ' She grabbed my hair pulling me towards her. Her pussy was shining. She released me and moved to open. Fluid Juice. 'Lick me clean. Lame everything. Licking all his cum from his wife. ' I shook. I was so excited. My cock throbbed. God can not cum yet. I will. I went to her. Not so clean this time. So wet. I drink. Suction. The language in it. hands gripping my hair. Groaning with pleasure. She shakes. An orgasm. I keep swallowing the sperm and juice. Salado. I can not get enough. I feel like I'm going to explode. The pain, almost. I stopped and lay down beside her. 'Dime', that leak. 'All ' will keep my tail. Tickles my balls. 'Ok. Hes a great guy. Well equipped. Do not fuck with me forever. It felt so good. He gave me what I cum. He was good at it. Lick me and fuck me and fuck me hard. ' I was about to end. I remove them manually. Kiss her nipples. 'Ouch. Make sure you are in pain now,' I let my hand go through her body to her pussy. She listens to me. 'Be careful cos baby is really swollen and a little sore all had bitch. If you want to fuck me and you have to promise to be nice. ' 'Ok, I love his will. ' I approached her and touch my penis against his lips. I gently pressing on it. She arched her back and groans. 'I loved him fuck me baby. I want more cock in me. Much more. ' White ' I Love'. I said. 'I want you to get your cock as much as Iu tubesplash want. I love you. '' I love you too baby. 'It felt so strong. I imagined his cocked woman came to me. Her moans for more. ' Fill me up fill me 'I wanted to explode inside. Began to money under me, an orgasm through its ripple the body. explode. filmed inside. hugged me. she grabbed me. I cried. I knew it was always my yet.
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